During our long tenure of providing the best plastic and reconstructive surgery services in the US, we’ve helped thousands of people. Usually, they asked us many similar questions, which we decided to compile here and make it more convenient for our customers to get to know the info.

Q:  How safe it is to undergo a plastic surgery?

A:   Plastic surgeries have never been safer, that they are today.

The advances that the medicine and surgery did in the last three decades allows for a survival chance to stand at 1: 100 000, compared to 1: 1000 in 1955…

Also, our incredibly seasoned and certified surgeons and nurses and our utmost modern and latest medical equipment, medication and techniques just leave no chance to any mishap.

Q:  How long the post-surgery recovery process usually is?

A:   On average, a post-surgery recovery, which is conducted in our facilities and under our nurses’ and doctors’ supervision takes no longer than 2 weeks.

After that you’ll good to go, with just and average 2 months of medication following…

Q:  Is the post-surgery recovery included in the overall price for my plastic surgery?

A:   No, that is a separate fee. The plastic surgery itself and the rehabilitation course afterwards are separate services.

Q:  Is there some age limit restricting people from plastic surgeries?

A:   Usually we do not do plastic (unless reconstructive) surgeries on minors under 18. If we do a reconstructive surgery, then with their parents’ consent of course.

Also, we highly recommend people older than 65 withhold from plastic surgeries and people over 70 to forego even the reconstructive ones, due to much weaker immunity and organism’s recovery abilities that occur at a senior age.

Q:  Do you provide plastic and/or reconstructive surgeries for patients covered under a Medicaid plan?

A:    It depends… Reconstructive surgeries are most usually covered by any Government or business covered health plan.

However, plastic surgeries quite often may not fall under this category at all…

Q:   If I don’t like the aesthetics of the end result, will you discount me for a follow-up plastic surgery?

A:    Unfortunately, the price will vary only if you’re a member of our HIJH Medical Discount Club, not due to your choice to perform a follow-up surgery for aesthetic reasons only.